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Fish is the chef-pearl gold fish species that have a rounded body with a small head and tail width. Fish come from mainland china, but in Indonesia has long can dibudidayakan. Marketing of fish other than in the country is also a type of fish in the export and harganyapun high.


1. Elections chief
1. Parent who is good for dipijahkan aged 8 + months, with a minimum size of duck eggs.
2. Select the parent body with a head small rounded, full scale and composed rapih. If the fish are moving, and the tail fin will appear upright.
3. To get the seed of the color, the main candidates who will dipijahkan plain color. Use the male parent and a white female or black moss green, or vice versa.
2. Differences in male and female
Up Jantan

Up Betina
In the pectoral fin there are spots rounded prominent be touched and felt, if rough. In the pectoral fin there are spots and be touched if it feels fine.
Parent if that has been cooked slowly sorted kerarah will exit hole genital fluids sorted If the white, yellow liquid out bening.Pada parent that has been cooked, stomach feels weak and genital hole reddish.
3. How pemijahan
1. Bath / aquarium that has been filled with clean water that has been diendapkan + 24 minutes, then place the water hyacinth to embed eggs.
2. Choose the parent who has cooked eggs, enter into a vessel in the afternoon. When the selection is done carefully parent, usually the next day the eggs stick to the already water hyacinth roots.
3. Because eggs do not need to dierami, parent can be moved to the pond's parent, to wait until pemijahan erikutnya. If good care, the 3 ~ 4 sunday and parent can dipijahkan back.

3. Maintenance BENIH

1. After 2 ~ 3 days the eggs will hatch, until the age of 2 ~ 3 days the seed has not been given food, because it still had supplies of food on its yolk sac (yellow).
2. In the days to 3 ~ 4 seed can be given food water bug that has been strained.
3. After the age of 15 + hours to try starting seeds are given in addition to hair worm infestation still be water, until the seed is able to eat a whole new hair worm infestation of water stopped.
4. For the eggs in the aquarium ditetaskan the seeds sebainya after sunday + 1 was moved to the tub / pool wider.
5. Height of water in the vessel 10 ~ 15 cm of water with the turn of 5 ~ 7 days once. Each turn of the water use water that has been diendapkan first.
6. To avoid the sun is too fierce required some form of protective plant water hyacinth.


1. Enlargement of fish after the seed was more than 1 month until the parent.
2. This type of pearl chef requires a lot of sunlight, for the water hyacinth plant can be reduced or dihilangi.
3. For the first stage of enlargement can ditebar + 1000 tail fish in tanks measuring 1.5 x 2 m. And thinning can be done every 2 weeks with 2 divided.
4. Replacement of water can be made 3 ~ 5 days, the same with water that has been diendapkan.
5. Food was given a hair worms. Food provided in the morning in adlibitum (secukupnya). If on the evening of food remaining, immediately appointed / clean.
6. After the age of 4 months the fish are already candidates parent. For the male and female immediately separated until the age of 8 weeks that have been ready dipijahkan. For parent fish food should be given the form of mosquito jentik (choke).
7. A pair of parent can produce eggs 2000 until 3000 for a single grain pemijahan.


Gold fish chef ekonimis pearls have high value. Seed for 1 month price was around Rp. 30, - s / d Rp. 50, - while a pair of parent around Rp. 5000, - s / d 10.000, -. By way of maintenance, along with the appropriate diligence that can be expected earnings lumayan.


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Fisheries DKI Jakarta

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