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Decorative fish Tetra TYPE

Decorative fish Tetra TYPE


The types of fish are quite beautiful Tetra. Various types of Tetra known in Indonesia as Tetra Green, Blue Tetra, Silver Tetra, Neon Tetra & many others. Diketengahkan any posts on this type of neon Tetra coming from the river Amazon United States, and has been breeding in Indonesia. Neon Tetra (Hyphessobryconnesi), ornamental fish to include this group in the ornamental fish the most interesting. Body danbiru green striped red throughout the body from the gill to ekornya. Ornamental fish is kept simple, strong and not easy to sick / dead.


How to propagate this type of fish is still quite difficult and requires patience and a long experience. The fish membiakan to this need in terms of certain antaralain:

1. Water must be sterile and acid (pH less than 6.4)
2. Happy in a dark place.
3. Temperatures around 20 ° C

How to distinguish male and female is as follows:

* Jantan Betina
Rather the form of short-and long Bulat belly up neon lines straight lines slightly crooked
How membiakkannya:
1. Separate parent-parent neon Tetra.
2. Precipitation ditampung and didiamkan until sunday + 2.
3. Places that used to spawn, the fish is cleaned first pitch and washed with Tawas.
4. Enter the rain water into the pemijahan.
5. Tetesi timber with water rendaman acid.
6. Didiamkan 2 ~ 3 days.
7. Enter the plant or foliage to lay eggs in neon Tetra.
8. Enter Tetra parent who has been separated first.
9. Close the hole and give a little light in order to be able to see gestures fish.
10. If the visible male and female each romp, then + 3 days and then have seen egg-egg attached to the leaves or roots which have been provided.
11. Move the mother and covered with black cloth does not have to light the entrance.
12. During the 3 + hours are Tetra neon eggs hatch.
13. Children can be given this fish food infusoria the bacteria pembusuk on cabbage leaf / brush setetes canker for the drops.
14. After + 2 - 3 sunday cover may have been reopened.
15. Then will be seen children Tetra fish.
In hot areas such as Jakarta should propagate Tetra is done dikamar bath hawanya the humid and cold.


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Fisheries Jakarta, Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan No. 8 - 9, Block G Floor 21, Central Jakarta, Tel. 021 359363

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